DG pharmaSolutions GmbH

The development of a medicinal product entails a wide range of activities,
from the initial idea to authorisation and market launch.

As an independent consultancy, we offer you all our expertise and support
in the management of these many different tasks. You therefore have a
team of experienced colleagues at your side on whom you can depend.

With more than 20 years’ professional experience in pharmaceutical
consulting combined with the continued development of our skills in
an ever-changing and constantly expanding world of drug legislation,
we guarantee solid and comprehensive expertise in this complex area,
along with excellent knowledge of the necessary work processes and

Our structure and organisation mean that you have access to rapid,
reliable and expert advice.

Individual requirements are always taken into consideration. Our
goal is to work with you as a partner, helping you introduce safe and
effective medicinal products rapidly to the market whilst ensuring
compliance with regulatory requirements.

Strong contacts with the national European regulatory authorities
and the EMA, in addition to pharmaceutical associations, help
support this objective.