Advising pharmacists in public pharmacies

We offer the advice and information on the following issues:

Pharmaceutical practice:

  • Basic principles in the development, manufacture and
    authorisation of finished medicinal products
  • Conformity assessment for medical devices
  • Sourcing, documenting, analysing, evaluating and forwarding
    information on medicinal products and medical devices
  • Informing and advising professionals and/or pharmacists on
    the appropriate storage and use of medicinal products, on
    (reporting) adverse effects and interactions, and on the risks
    of continuous use and misuse of medicinal products

Specific legal considerations for pharmacists:

  • Differentiation between law, legal ordinance, administrative
    regulation, statute
  • Pharmacy law, particularly legislation governing pharmacy
    practice and pharmacy operating rules
  • Medicinal Products and Narcotics Act, especially the German
    Medicines Act, the Law Governing the Advertising of Medicinal
    Products and the Narcotics Act, along with the associated ordinances
  • Medical Device Law
  • Intricacies of the national and international pharmaceutical market
  • Social Insurance Law, billing prescriptions under statutory health
    insurance, reimbursement of sundry practice supplies